Loka Health

Mobile Application for iOS

Client: Loka Wellness
Services: UX Research, UX Design, UI Design, Usability Testing, Design Thinking, SCRUM/Agile Project Management
Tools: Balsamiq Mockups, Abstract, Sketch, Google Forms


Loka Health is a innovative new Mobile App that allows patients of type-2 diabetes and obesity to help reverse these conditions purely through diet.

The service pairs patients with a doctor, health coach, and nutritionist who track medical markers and other levels during a 3-6 month program.

It helps patients track daily their glucose and ketosis levels and charts this over time to show progress.

It also allows health coaches and nutritionists to recommend health plans for patients to follow each week during their 3-6 month program.

Created wireframes in Balsamiq, UI in Sketch, and prototype in InVision App. Version controlling in Abstract.

Launch date is set for May so this is an ongoing project, you can view the current Prototype in InVision:


01. Wireframes & User Experience

I started this phase by creating layouts and a flow between all the screens.
I used client interviews and focus groups to define the scope of the project and figureout how patients, doctors, nutritionists, and health coaches would use the App together.

02. Styleguide

This style guide I made covered the color scheme and typography that encompassed the App.

Healthiness is what has been portrayed by the very green colour that surrounds the user navigation. The use whites and green gradients encourages the aspect of serenity, calm and healthy habits.

Main Colour: #33BFCA

RGB: (51,191,202)

Main Colour: #2A2A30

RGB: (42,42,48)

Main Colour: #73F1D2

RGB: (115,240,210)

Gradient Colours: 

#73F1D2 | #33BFCA

Main Colour: #BBBCCD

RGB: (187,188,205)

Gradient Colours: 

#188E9B | #6DD7C7

Fonts were chosen based on the look and feel of the health clinic. It matched the branding and certain ones were chosen for different purposes.

03. Iconography

Throughout the designs you’ll see all custom made icons. The clinic had many unique types of menus which were all navigated by these custom icons that I drew in vector format and then imported to the Sketch designs.

03. User Interface

These are some examples of some of the main screens in the App.

There was some unique visualizations as well as interactive elements that I designed here. Every screen was tested by final users who were able to provide live feedback and I also ran gorilla testing for instant feedback resolution as the app is currently being developed.


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